Global Job Leveling & Career Mapping


- Global Organizational Management
- Global Job Architecture Design
- Alternative Job Leveling Approaches
- Analytical Job Evaluation
- Semi-Analytical Career Mapping

Global growth, changing business models and work environments require the review and (re)design of job architectures, job levels and career models.

Global business growth needs to be supported by advanced Organizational Management (OM) & HR service delivery models. A globally standardized OM & IT infrastructure is of critical importance for multiple corporate functions and builds the backbone of financial planning and reporting, as well as of the efficient and effective HR service delivery.

Effective global OM is more than the creation, change and delimitation of organization units and positions in the OM data core. It is the basis for the strategic and operational alignment of business strategy, organization development and workforce planning/steering.

A job architecture model combines job leveling structures with career paths and job families to serve as a comprehensive platform for supporting global growth across an organization.

The analytical or semi-analytical job leveling provides a career framework based on a ranking of jobs and roles by their complexity and impact. Job evaluation complements the reporting hierarchy shown in the organization chart through a systematic ranking of positions by impact levels. Thereby it provides the basis for the definition/differentiation of workforce segments, career categories, role levels, job titles and pay grades.

Ralf Hendrik Kleb

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