Compensation Online

Baumgartner & Partner and PersonalMarkt have offered since early 2008 a unique opportunity to benchmark compensation structures and individual compensation packages online.

Currently, more than 250,000 market-salary data records from nearly all sectors are mapped via this platform. In the process, a detailed analysis by way of the differentiation across 50 sectors, 7 hierarchy levels, 21 organisational divisions and 200 jobs is possible:

Your compensation query can be further narrowed by 19 different parameters such as company size, function area or the jobholder's age. In addition, the platform offers the option of adjusting the job's requirements via a Job Grading process (logged online).

With that, Compensation-Online provides to you – based on an annual subscription – a quick and reliable comparison of your salaries to market averages, and answers your compensation questions immediately and efficiently.

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