Function/Job Descriptions

Function or job descriptions are created and maintained in many businesses with a great deal of expense and effort – and nonetheless lead to an insufficient added value for HR work. This deficiency has its origins in

  • the focus on tasks instead of on targets and/or requirements imposed by the particular job
  • the rather ambiguous use of the typical terminology (what does the use of the term "complex" mean to various jobs on various levels?)
  • the high incidence of fluctuation within organisations – which results in a large number of job notices.

Baumgartner & Partner offers its customers two alternatives for solving the problems indicated above.

The orientation of the function or job descriptions are absolutely consistently focused on:

  • The long-term aims of the job and/or
  • the job's requirements.

Upon request, additional individual tasks can be listed. These listings, however, only serve orientation purposes and raise no claim to exhaustiveness. After all, the claim to exhaustiveness of the listing of tasks/functions impedes organisational measures, since employees only seek to take over the functions expressly indicated in the function or job descriptions.

The orientation to long-term targets is suitable for companies which already use agreed targets or seek to implement these subsequently – after all, without clearly stated objectives for the job, the agreement on reliable annual target for the job is impossible.

The orientation to the job 's requirements, by contrast, is suitable for companies which have already had their jobs analysed via Baumgartner & Partner Job Grading, and would like to apply the output – the valuation data – in the context of a "verification-text process“, also for additional aspects of personnel management.

As a rule, however, the following applies: The orientation to objectives and/or requirements contributes to the successful orientation of your function or job descriptions, indicates to the employee the designated objectives and/or demands to be mastered – and with that, brings significant added value to the classification issue and other HR topics.

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