Developing, Introducing and Implementing Agreed Targets

Agreed targets support the management, communication, and orientation process on all levels, thus steering information from “top down” as well as “bottom up”. As a central tool, agreed targets support the concrete implementation of the company’s strategic objectives and guidelines.

The primary purpose of agreed targets is to steer executives and employees to results-oriented actions and to contribute to an intensification/clarification of the collaboration between the superiors and employees.

In Baumgartner & Partner’s view, the major success factor of target agreement systems in particular consists of projecting the multidimensionality of objectives in the context of narrow timeframes, limited budgets and high quality requirements. Target systems that are purely geared to quantitative objectives are often overstrained in this regard and outdated.

Objectives of target agreement systems:

  • Strategic orientation: Corporate objectives and strategies are linked with tasks and translated into individual objectives. This creates the prerequisites for a consensus regarding the business orientation.
  • Advancement orientation: Employees experience support from their superiors and advancement in line with the achievement of their objectives. This contributes to a permanent strengthening of the employees’ competencies in relation to their job definition.
  • Communication orientation: Superiors and employees mutually get to know their interests and expectations. This allows the collaboration between both partners to be consciously shaped.

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