Competence/Skill Management

While just a few years ago, an employee's success was attributed exclusively to his/her level of expertise and intelligence, today's view primarily cites behaviours and skills which lead to success in the respective current and future role. Competence and Skill Management, therefore, do not so much serve to merely evaluate one's performance, but rather the identification and promotion of behaviours and talents which are a decisive factor in the company's success. With that, the process of Competence/Skill Management is based on a well-founded Job Grading System.

Baumgartner & Partner establishes in co-operation with you a system for Competence and Skill Management auf which serves as a gateway between the corporate strategy and your employees' existing competences, along with your Job Grading System. We will advisory service you in the consistent orientation of your Talent Management and your Personnel Development measures to current and future challenges faced by your company – with our professional management of competences and skills, without disregarding the Job Grading process.

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