Areas of Consulting

Our key to success lies in our extraordinary commitment to “outperformer” consulting and in the consistent focus of all our activities on the driving forces of excellent performance: performance transparency, performance ability, performance motivation, and performance environment. We bundle our strategic and operational expertise in five business areas.

HR Strategy
Dynamics and complexity, Internationalisation and Globalisation, Risk management and Basel II, demographic change and the re-instigated "war for talents“, digital networking and Information society – the extent of the diverse and far-reaching challenges to the corporate world nowadays can be illustrated with the aid of a simple listing of key terms. In this process, companies which seek to meet these challenges are increasingly dependent upon the capabilities, experience and social competence exhibited by each individual employee. HR services, as a result, are becoming an increasingly significant strategic factor in success. This is precisely why HR must warrant a uniform orientation of a company's own services and products to an HR strategy which advisory services the overall corporate strategy, By way of the HR strategy, the company can co-ordinate the HR services, and thereby apply the HR products in a targeted fashion.

HR Operational Excellence
The position and the regard for HR within the company has been the subject of debate for the past several years: the development of its identity should evolve from the mere internal "handler" to the strategically integrated HR Business Partner. Even so, HR is initially looked upon to take initiative: the simple appeal urging a paradigm shift in the appreciation displayed by personnel management is not sufficient – because within HR, the first absolute requirement entails the development of more efficient and effective structures, processes and technologies. HR will only be acknowledged as a strategic business partner in this regard when the HR division itself has achieved Operational Excellence and can provide services in a customer- oriented and efficient manner.

Talent & Performance Management
Talent Management can nowadays no longer be discounted in the context of modern personnel management. At the same time, within companies themselves, only rarely are comprehensive and integrated processes applied to Talent Management. However, a professional Talent Management encompasses much more than the mere "scouting" of talent and ensuring loyalty to the company. The organisation must be able to provide the right instruments and systems with which the professional development of such talents within the company can be promoted in a targeted fashion. In this process, Talent Management is interrelated to Performance Management – after all, employees and talents must not merely be promoted for the future, but also their capacity must be utilised to the full extent for the company's benefit.

Compensation Management
Modern compensation systems which fulfil the latest requirements and demands on performance are part of the competition-relevant criteria in the gaining and maintaining of high performers. Only a market-, demand- and performance-driven compensation system can sufficiently advisory service you in the achievement of your corporate targets.

We will gladly demonstrate to you how you can design your compensation system to work in a future-oriented fashion – concerning tariff, non-tariff- or further conditions.

Already 16 of the "EURO-STOXX-50" companies and 25 of the DAX 30 companies have – along with 100 other companies – gained experience in working with Benchmarking Online. Currently, the processes associated with the HR and Finance function are at the focus of our constantly implemented Benchmarking projects.

The Benchmarking applied by Baumgartner & Partner is marked by the following factors of success:

A hypothesis-backed Benchmarking approach
The clear distinction of the content of different processes – and the precise definition of the relevant output quantities – enable a reliable ranking of your own company with regard to the productivity and costs of the examined processes. Based on the influencing factors also surveyed, hypotheses on alternative organisational and technology concepts can be verified in a readily comprehensible manner. This makes the cause-effect correlations which have led to the resulting ranking of these output quantities in an obvious and influencable fashion.

Continuous follow-up on Benchmarking processes
The participation over several years enables – after a precise initial ranking – the quantifiable monitoring of the success of efficiency-increasing measures.

Online Platform
The Online Platform ensures each participant rapid and targeted data availability by way of online processing, participant-specific adaptation options while maintaining the full extent of data comparability and individually-structured clustering and analysis options. The comprehensive confidentiality of your data is also secured by technical specifications.

The issues explored in Benchmarkings are developed in co-operation with participants and updated annually. All participants are informed as to which other companies provide data to the Benchmarking processes, and know the respective contact persons. At least once annually, the participants meet to present to each other their "best practices“ and to enjoy an intensive exchange of experience among expert. The community breaths life into the Benchmarking results!

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